Celebrating excellence: Forvis Mazars impact awards 2023

At Forvis Mazars, innovation, dedication and outstanding contributions are not only recognised, but celebrated.

At Forvis Mazars, innovation, dedication and outstanding contributions are not only recognised, but celebrated. To leverage these, we created the impact awards, which spotlight exceptional and innovative projects by our people worldwide. This year, the awards were announced during our annual CARL partners conference, which took place from 7-8 December in Montreal.
These awards serve as a platform to honour outstanding initiatives that push the boundaries of conventional thinking and create positive change both within and Forvis Mazars, beyond, making a lasting impact on our clients and communities.

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This year's awards recognised stellar accomplishments across seven distinct categories:

  • Brand and communication: Celebrating initiatives that elevate our brand's presence and reach in the market.
  • Business innovation: Recognizing teams driving change through pioneering technological solutions and creative endeavours.
  • Corporate sustainability: Acknowledging initiatives making a tangible difference in local communities or for our environment.
  • Quality: Spotlighting projects that elevate standards and compliance, ensuring excellence in our work.
  • Talent and people: Recognising projects that empower, nurture, and develop talent within Forvis Mazars.
  • Diamond award: A stellar project that deserves extra recognition.
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The winners of the Impact Awards 2023 were:

  • Brand and communication: #WomenatMazars

A project designed to support, uplift and highlight women at Forvis Mazars.

women at mazars awards
  • Business innovation: Metaverse - Mixed Reality.

The creation of a collaborative Metaverse space, with more than 15 offices.

metaverse award
  • Corporate sustainability: Reducing Nigeria's maternal and infant mortality rates, our way.

A mission in Nigeria to provide educational support and insights on best practices for fostering healthy pregnancies and safe deliveries, in addition to access to essential antenatal and infant care.

Corporate sustainability award
  • Quality: MAPLE.

The creation of a methodology and policy library explorer to facilitate access to resources across Forvis Mazars.

maple awards
  • Talent and people: Gen You.

An employer branding campaign designed to attract young auditors to Forvis Mazars.

gen you awards
  • Diamond Award: CO2 footprint app

A new web and mobile application that enables our people to calculate their CO2 footprint and find best practices and advice on how they can play reduce their environmental impact and help Forvis Mazars reach its net zero ambitions.

diamond award

If you're passionate about driving innovation, making an impact and being part of a global community dedicated to excellence, join likeminded people at Forvis Mazars! Explore opportunities to be part of a team that thrives on creativity, diversity and meaningful contributions. Your journey towards making an impact starts here.


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